Aluminum Patio Covers Poway

Aluminum Patio Covers Poway

aluminum patio covers Poway

Hardy Built Quality – Aluminum Patio Covers Poway


Looking for a unique and qualified patio cover contractor? I am Ron Hardy and the owner of Hardy Built. I handle all of the patio cover installations from beginning to end. I will also be present during the construction and installation of your aluminum patio covers Poway install. I can install your patio cover anywhere on your property. Keep in mind that attached patio covers must be connected to your home. Free standing patio covers can be anywhere on your property. I work directly with the manufacturer  so that I can provide you with a quality patio cover at an affordable price. I am hands down the best aluminum patio covers Poway contractor you will find.


No one can complete with me when it comes to pricing and quality. I work with only the top notch patio cover manufacturing companies. My alumawood patio covers will stand the test of time and will out last real wood patios and decks by decades. I also offer my customers a 100% lifetime warranty on all of my patio cover installations. So if for any reason during the life of the product you encounter a flaw or defect we will take care of it.


Simply contact me via telephone anytime 24/7 and I will personally address the problem myself. You cannot find a aluminum patio covers Poway contractor as dedicated to his customers as me. I will work with you closely to make sure the patio cover that ends up in your backyard is the one you dreamed of.


Aluminum Patio Covers Poway Installation

Design and Value – Aluminum Patio Covers Poway


During my free in home estimate I will go over the options that are available to you. Depending on what type of use you are looking for from your patio cover there will be many options available to you. I can color match the patio cover so that it will fit your homes in place decorations. Hiring me as your aluminum patio covers Poway contractor is one of the most cost effective decisions you will make. Homes that have a patio cover installed usually have a higher asking price then those that do not.


I assure you that an aluminum patio cover from Hardy Built will add resale value to your home. The new shade space will add a whole new layer to your backyard. Your new multi-function space will become the center piece of your backyard.I have had many customers who choose to install an outdoor kitchen along with their patio cover. This really helps when it comes to entertaining.


You can enjoy having a large group of people at your house and not have to worry about them soiling the carpets or nasty spills. The alumawood patio covers that I install are always made with quality products and hardware. I offer an amazing amount of value to my customers. Please take advantage of my competitive pricing and quality work. I look forward to adding you to my long list of happy aluminum patio covers Poway customers.


Aluminium Patio Covers Poway

Home Renovation Expert – Aluminum Patio Covers Poway


The key to making a return on your property when it comes time to sell is making it stand out. Most homes in Poway are track homes that are built usually pretty much of the same design. It will be difficult to make your home stand out if you keep it the same as all of the rest. The aluminum patio covers Poway installation that I will perform on your home will separate your home from the other track homes. Our cutting edge designs are designed with the highest quality alumawood.


Before I leave your home for the last time I will be sure to check in with you. I will make sure that you are completely happy with the patio cover that we installed for you. I will also go over how to provide proper upkeep for your aluminum patio covers Poway. If your patio cover gets dusty or muddy from rain or other things like gardening cleaning is quite simple.


Take your hose and just rinse off your panels. Yes it is that simple. The high quality aluminum that I use will shine just like new for at least the next 30 years before showing any signs of deterioration. Your newly renovated patio cover will add tons of shade to your home. All that extra shade will make your AC unit work far less to keep the home cool.

Aluminum Patio Covers Poway

Reduced Energy Bill – Aluminum Patio Covers Poway


Because of your patio covers insulation and light weight design it will keep your home much cooler. I have had many of my customers reach out to me and tell me about their savings. Generally speaking your patio cover will make your homes energy consumption reduced. Your home will not be directly hit by the sun and therefore save you hundreds and sometimes thousands per year. That means that your patio cover is practically paying for it self shortly after installation.


I am committed to making sure that your patio cover is installed correctly and efficiently. Once you have paid down your patio cover investment with actually energy savings you can start to plan for a new renovation. I also install high quality fencing as well. I carry a wide variety of fencing in stock so that I can address your needs the first time I come out.


The same level of dedication goes into both of my products.  A large portion of my aluminum patio cover Poway business comes from folks who were previous customers. I know that each chance I get to handle someones aluminum patio covers Poway install that I am lucky. Please give me on opportunity to handle your patio cover. You will be blown away with the quality of my work.  I am not satisfied unless you are. Contact me today and lets get started on your aluminum patio cover Poway installation. Get your free estimate by calling in or filling out a form on the contact page.

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