Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido

Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido

Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido

Easy Backyard Renovation РAluminum Patio Covers Escondido

If you just purchased a home in Escondido and are looking for ways to increase the resale value of your home I have a solution for you. Alumawood patio covers have become a staple of backyards in San Diego County. Not only do patio covers add a tremendous amount of resale value to your home but they add function as well. If you are a homeowner you will want to do whatever you can to improve the condition of your home. A patio cover is one of the backyard renovations that continue to prove its worth for years to come.


A aluminum patio covers Escondido installation is the most cost effective way to add usable living space to your home. It has been My experience that homes that have a patio cover sell for more money and sit on the market for far less time than those without. Many homes in San Diego County were built in tracks and by the same developer.


The best way to separate your homes backyard from every other home like yours is a patio cover. I can provide you with a quality aluminum patio covers Escondido install. I stand behind my work 100% and offer a lifetime warranty on all of my work. You simply will not find another contractor who has the experience or the skills that I do. My alumawood patio covers are built to last and will never wear or tear for at least the first 30 years.


 aluminum patio covers Escondido

The Hardy Built Difference – Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido

I am better than any other aluminum patio covers Oceanside contractor. I care more about the customer than my competitors. I have been installing patio covers for 30 years in Escondido. I have dedicated much of my adult life to the art of aluminum patio covers Escondido installations. I make sure that my customers are given the best possible price on their patio cover. I have no middle men who inflate the price on my patio covers. I work directly with the manufacturer.


I also have no overhead or large company staff to take care of. Because I keep things nimble in the way of an office I am able to extend the savings to my customers directly. Nothing makes a customer more happy than getting excellent quality for an affordable price. I do everything I can to make sure that the products I offer my clients are keeping up with the trends. I also keep up to date on all of the latest techniques and hard wares that are needed for your patio cover.


Continuing our aluminum patio covers Escondido education is one of my main focus’s. I will consistently put the needs of my customers before bottom lines and profits. I promise that when you use Hardy Built you are getting quality services from a honest and reliable contractor. Please take advantage of my skills and use me for your next aluminum patio covers Escondido installs.


Aluminium Patio Covers Escondido

Honest and Reliable Construction – Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido


I have been giving customers quality patio cover installs for well over 30 years. I am sure you will be happy with my aluminum patio covers Escondido installation skills. During my free in home estimate I will go over with you what types of patio covers may work for your situation. I offer all my customers the state of the art patio covers when it comes to solid or lattice patio covers.I will work with you side by side until we have worked out all of the details of your aluminum patio covers Escondido installation.


Above everything I value your feedback and our ability to give you the aluminum patio covers Escondido install that you were hoping for. Look forward to spending more time outside under our shade structure. You will have much more space to entertain guests or even relax on patio furniture. Many of my customers elect to install a BBQ and table to spend warm summer nights under. I also offer by far the best warranty you will find.


Many of my customers choose to go with me for that reason alone. By using Hardy Built for your patio cover I will be giving you a quality cover that fits your needs. You will be amazed by the quality of the patio cover that you get when you use my service. I also promise that the patio cover I install for you will never rust fade, wear or tear.

Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido

Recent Patio Cover Industry Changes – Aluminum Patio Covers Escondido


Alumawood has taken over the patio cover industry by storm. In just 10 short years I have seen the patio cover industry transform. Eight out of every ten patio covers that are installed today are made from aluminum. Up until recently alumawood patio covers were far to expensive for many folks. Now I am happy to say that patio covers prices are at an all time low. Depending on the size of your patio cover you can get most 10 X 12 patio covers at a very cost effective price.

The look and feel of the aluminum patio covers are worth every penny. Even up close its hard to tell that its not a real wood patio cover. The caveat though is how durable aluminum is. Your aluminum patio cover is backed by my lifetime warranty and will last you at least 30 years before issues should arise. I do a wonderful job of removing decks and replacing them state of the art patio covers.

I will work with what ever subtle nuances that each project brings and make sure that we have a clear pathway to success long before I ever start my install. Studies have also shown that patio covers are a great way to lower the cost of your energy bill. The sunlight hitting your patio cover instead of directly hitting your home will make the electric bill cheaper. Many of my customers are simply amazed at how much they save when they have a patio cover installed